Life & Faith marks a milestone, and gets a bit nostalgic.

This week is the 400th episode of Life & Faith! 

In this episode, Simon Smart, Justine Toh, and Natasha Moore get together (remotely) to swap stories of their favourite episodes, tech fails, meeting their heroes, and memorable surprises over the years of making the podcast. They also manage to cajole producer Allan Dowthwaite, the man who makes everything at CPX work, out from his preferred spot behind the scenes to answer a few questions in front of the microphone.

Join the team on a trip down memory lane with the ghost of episodes past, and enjoy Tim Winton making a joke at his own expense, Justine reflecting on spiritual seekers, Simon and Al recalling the least amount of prep time they ever had for an interview, Natasha admitting the most intimidating person she’s ever interviewed, and the novelist Christos Tsiolkas offering a powerful distillation of what Christianity (a faith he does not share) is all about.

Episodes referenced in this episode: 

Hope Is Violent

Misadventures in Wellness

Murder Most Popular 

An Empty Plate

An Evangelical Election

Out of the Fishbowl 

He Had a Dream

Fear Is a Useless Thing

Wrestling Paul