Community Screenings

Do you want to screen For the Love of God in your church or community group?

Great! You’ll need a community screening licence.

Our licensing fees for either the cinema version of the documentary (90 mins) or the full episodes (4 x 1 hour) depend on the anticipated size of your group:

Estimated Audience Size Price (AUD)
1-29 You do not need a licence
30-99 $250 (+GST)
100-499 $350 (+GST)
500-999 $500 (+GST)
1,000 + $1000 (+GST)

Once you purchase a community screening licence:

  • We’ll email you a link which you can use to download an MP4 (H.264) file of the film or the episodes, whichever you opted for. It’ll play in Windows Media Player, QuickTime, VLC, and other popular media players. It’s a single-click link that will expire after use. (You can keep the file – for personal use only – after the screening though.)
  • Organise your screening, get the word out using these free promotional resources, and have a great event! Whether you want to charge admission – and how much you decide to charge – is entirely up to you. One option would be to charge a small fee to cover the cost of the licence, or to add a few dollars on top of that as a fundraiser.

You don’t need a community screening licence if:

  • You intend to screen the documentary to a group of fewer than 30 people
  • You’re showing individual segments from the documentary (rather than the cinema version or four episodes). The segments are available free from to view, download, and use.

Got another question? We’re happy to help! Write to us at


Are you wanting to use For the Love of God in your school? See the information on purchasing an educational licence instead.