Costly virtue: The price of doing what’s right

Doing the right thing can have consequences or rewards that last a lifetime.

In this episode we consider the price we are willing (or not willing) to pay for holding on to our principles. 
We speak with Max Jeganathan about our society’s apparent willingness to absorb higher costs of living in order to support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia. This dynamic is evidence that we are not only selfish consumers but rather moral agents sometimes willing to make sacrifices in order to do what’s right.  
Suzanne McCourt, author of the novel The Tulip Tree reflects on the complexity and ambiguity in the courageous and costly acts of her characters and their moments of altruism. 
And Mick Slatter tells the story from his youth of working on a building site and paying a heavy price for being honest when he was under huge pressure to fudge the truth for his boss. Was it worth it? Listen in to find out.   
Suzanne McCourt The Tulip Tree (Text Publishing) 2021. 
Max Jeganathan The Cost of Living and The Cost of Principles  Eureka Street, 2022.