Culture Making with Andy Crouch

You don’t need to be a creative or an entrepreneur to share the human calling to make culture. 

Here at CPX, we’ve been raving about Andy Crouch’s work on technology lately. But in this Life & Faith conversation, we revisit Andy’s earlier work – especially his influential first book Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling.  

Andy tells us why he believes all humans are called to be culture makers: people who make culture or who are drawn to make something of the world. This creative calling is for everyone, he says, not just the creatives or the entrepreneurs among us.  

We also sample Andy’s thoughts about Christianity in the United States and get into the weeds of why we’re so down on power these days, or why we suspect that an influential person or institution will be corrupted by power.  

As Andy explains, the problem isn’t so much power, but the way powerful people and organisations refuse vulnerability. 

“True power always involves an element of vulnerability – if I want to bring something into being in the world that will have any kind of life to it,” Andy said. “But the moment you create life, you take a risk. So all creative power, which I would see as the deepest form of power, involves an element of vulnerability.” 



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