A public faith. Demystifying Christianity in the public media for 16 years.


The Centre for Public Christianity is a media company that seeks to promote the public understanding of the Christian faith. 

For many Australians today, Christianity is increasingly foreign, irrelevant or even sinister.

CPX works in Australia’s public media to show that Christianity is beautiful, good, and most importantly, true.

Every year at Easter, CPX writers have a range of articles appear in public media. We’re talking publications like The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, The Age, and ABC News. 


Some past Easter articles

Simon Smart for The Canberra Times, The ‘darkness’ of Easter has rarely seemed more fitting

Barney Zwartz for The Age, Easter is more than just an opportunity for indulgence

Justine Toh for The Sydney Morning Herald, Religious or not, Easter proves we need more ‘holy days’

Mark Stephens for ABC Religion & Ethics, Thomas Jefferson, Easter, and the legacy of the Godless Gospel

Simon Smart for The Sydney Morning Herald, Online pile-ons and how the story of Easter offers a path of hope

Justine Toh for ABC Religion & Ethics, The shape of power: How Easter upends our ideas of domination and entitlement


These articles aim to re-acquaint the Australian public with meaning of the Easter story.

We work hard to write and pitch these articles so that sceptical readers might get a taste of the goodness of the Christian faith and be curious to find out more.

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