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For the Love of God: The Course consists of four 90-minute sessions for small or large gatherings in churches, homes, or community groups. Designed for believers and sceptics alike, the course presents select scenes from the documentary (viewed online), explores key biblical texts, and examines the original form of the Christian faith, allowing participants to assess the global impact of Christianity and rightly judge the mixed actions of the church through history.

Outlines for each session can be viewed online and/or downloaded for printing. Instructions for course facilitators appear in the outlines.


These resources, produced in partnership with several teachers, contain suggested activities for use in high-school classrooms, based on one or more of the documentary's segments. Students will engage with the themes of the documentary, explore related biblical texts, and apply what they learn. They are designed for students with a range of experiences and attitudes towards the Christian faith.

The resources can be viewed online and/or downloaded.