Life & Faith: Compassionate Conservatism

How a biblical model for fighting poverty may be the antidote to America’s social issues.

Dr Marvin Olasky is a leading proponent of compassionate conservatism – two words we don’t often hear together. But it’s not just political word candy. According to Olasky, it’s a philosophy that could transform the current US welfare system for the better. And, it’s worked before.

In his book, Compassionate Conservatism: What It Is, What It Does, and How It Can Transform America, Olasky writes:  “A century ago, before the federal government ever became involved, thousands of local faith-based charitable agencies and churches around the country waged a war on poverty much more successful than our own.”

In this episode of Life & Faith, Olasky explains Compassionate Conservatism and how it might work in modern America. Plus, he shares his own fascinating story about the role of religion and faith in his life.