Life & Faith: Where did we come from?

How science and faith can find common ground when it comes to the origin of the universe.

It’s one of life’s biggest questions: where did we come from?

Since ancient times, philosophers and scientists have offered answers – and so has religion. But they don’t always say the same thing.

These differences are often highlighted in the classic science vs religion debate that pits, for example, evolution against a theory like intelligent design.

But many a scientist and historian will tell us that science and faith are not so hostile towards each other after all.

In this episode, Dr Graeme Finlay explores the complex relationship and compatibility of science and biblical faith, and what both can teach us about the origin of the universe and humanity.

Dr Graeme Finlay is a lecturer in scientific pathology and cancer researcher at the University of Auckland, and the author of Human Evolution: Genes, Genealogies and Phylogenies. He has also completed a degree in theology.

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