Out of the Fishbowl

A poet tells the story of his faith unravelling - and being woven together again. 

“One of my favourite sayings in the world, ’The fish in the bowl doesn’t know that it’s wet’ – that helped me to look back upon the fishbowl that I’d been swimming in.” 

Performance poet Joel McKerrow’s recently published book Woven is not a book of cookie-cutter spirituality. It’s not a book of answers, or programmable spiritual growth. It’s a question, an invitation, a beckoning toward movement. 

In this refreshingly honest conversation with Joel, he looks back on the lost faith of his childhood and the grief associated with that loss – and also recounts how he regained his faith, this time a richer and more holistic, robust version. It’s a conversation about restoration and rebuilding of broken things, and how the rebuilt thing is stronger and able to weather the storms of life.

Check out Joel’s book Woven: A Faith For the Dissatisfied