Two conversations, two stories of lives committed to justice and the flourishing of others.

“The rescue of one person matters infinitely – it matters to that person, and it matters to us – and at the same time, that one rescue can send a ripple effect through a system of millions of people who are enslaved and exploited.”

In this episode of Life & Faith, we bring together two conversations with remarkable women working to bring justice to situations of terrible brokenness. 

Bethany Hoang spent many years with International Justice Mission, an organisation seeking to fix broken justice systems, end slavery, and bring healing to its victims. 

“The need is staggering when you really wade into these places of deep darkness – but when you see the rescue come it is just overwhelming, and you just want to see more and more of it and give your whole life to it.” 

Ruth Padilla DeBorst is a theologian, wife and mother, educator and storyteller, based in Costa Rica. She’s committed to community development and the flourishing of those who have been marginalised. She also has a very personal story of loss and injustice to tell. 

“Many people said, ‘How can you still believe God is there, with something so terrible happening to you and your children?’ And actually, I experienced at that moment, in the middle of that loss, the sense of God’s presence, not just saying ‘I’m with you’, compassionately, but actually ‘I’m suffering with you.’”