The Dream (and Nightmare) of Technology

Andy Crouch has some questions about your relationship with your devices

Are you ever troubled by the way technology impacts our lives?

Andy Crouch loves technology, but he is concerned that we use it wisely. What are the ways modern technology might diminish our humanity and how might it help us to flourish?

In this episode of Life & Faith Andy talks about the difference between devices and instruments and it’s a distinction that might help change your life in positive directions. There is some wisdom here to help us be more deliberate and intentional about how our technology might serve us rather than enslave us.

For many of us with a nagging sense of unease about our relationship with our phones and tablets, Crouch offers some hope and a way forward that is life-giving and uplifting.

“I think technology is not helping us be what we actually maybe are meant to be, which is people who live with fullness of heart, soul, mind and strength.” 

“I love talking about this because it activates a sense of hope. I think we sometimes feel a little out of control in this technological world. And what I hear back when I describe this transition from devices to instruments is people actually feel very empowered to take charge of how they use their device.”

Andy’s latest book is: The life we’re looking for: Reclaiming relationship in a technological world

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