The Merry Philosopher

Esther Meek’s childhood questions led her on a decades-long philosophical journey towards truth and "the really real”.

As a 13 year-old Esther Meek was plagued by her questions about what is real and what is truth. A quest to find answers led here towards the study of philosophy where she has spent decades developing her thinking around how we know what we know. Can we ever have confidence in that?

Her passion is helping make philosophy accessible. We all qualify to be philosophers simply by being born, she likes to say.

She reacts against the idea that knowledge is information and data and facts but much more complicated for embodied, spiritual, emotional and imaginative beings that we are.

There’s one thing you need to be philosophical and that’s to be born. And so then I feel that philosophy, philosophizing, should be done for everybody. And it should not just be, as I say, the rock musicians who do philosophy in the streets.”


Esther Meek’s books – Longing to Know; Loving to Know; and A Little Manual for Knowing

Gospel Coalition Conference 

Bible Society Australia’s Bible Conference 

CPX’s 2022 Richard Johnson Lecture