The tune of Jesus: Final thoughts




JOHN DICKSON: Christianity’s place in our world is highly contested. For some, it’s a nightmare we need to wake up from.

SIMON SMART: For others, it’s just a phase of history, soon to be forgotten.

JUSTINE TOH: But many believe it’s the source of some of the things we love most in Western culture.

JOHN DICKSON: Jesus wrote a beautiful tune, “Do to others as you would have them do to you”, “blessed are the peacemakers”, and “love your enemies”, a message he literally embodied in his own death.

JUSTINE TOH: When Christians have played out of tune with Jesus, the results have been disastrous, and we’ve certainly seen that!

SIMON SMART: But when they’ve followed in Jesus’ footsteps, played the tune well, that’s shaped our world in ways we can all be glad of. The more of that kind of Christianity, the better.