The US election and the politicisation of faith

Darrell Bock fears the church in the U.S. is in danger of losing its distinctiveness. How might it recover?

The United States is a divided country, and this year’s presidential election will bring that into sharp focus. Darrell Bock is a New Testament Scholar at Dallas Theological Seminary and the Executive Director of Cultural Engagement at the Hendricks Center. 

Life & Faith interviews Darrell about the divisions in the U.S. and how tribal and ideological they have become. Darrell is concerned that the church has increased this polarisation with its misplaced loyalties, and by creating a social atmosphere that does not deal well with difference. Darrell believes it has been a mistake for the church to become an extension of a political arm, and that younger people have left the church in droves as a result.

Darrell sees a great need to return to a sense of welcome and care for the marginalised, as a distinctive marker of the love of God.


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