Once a week, a member of the CPX team "thinks out loud" in public - offering not conclusions, but launching-off points for conversation about what's going on in the news right now, or in our cultural "moment".

As with everything CPX does, the goal is to reframe things - to edge our way together towards a more expansive public imagination when it comes to Christian faith and the contribution it has to make to our shared life.

Here's a collection of these columns. They are usually posted each Tuesday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



By Eliot Kern | 27/09/2022

Eliot Kern reflects on biting his fingernails, a honeymoon in Fiji, and where we can find true rest for our souls.

Caring for the Queen

By Simon Smart | 16/09/2022

Simon Smart recounts his conversation with the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Chaplain in Scotland, John Swinton.

The kings (and queens) of the earth

By Natasha Moore | 09/09/2022

Natasha reads a psalm about monarchs and nations, and reflects on the life and death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Burden of Care

By Emma Wilkins | 06/09/2022

Emma Wilkins reflects on the term “burden of care” – and encourages a more expansive view that sees care as an honour and a way of life.

How long do you spend on your phone each day?

By Justine Toh | 28/08/2022

Justine Toh gapes at screen-time estimates across different generations – and reflects on insights from Andy Crouch on technology.

The Word

By Barney Zwartz | 24/08/2022

Barney Zwartz on how much he loves libraries, books, and words – and how they point him to an even greater Word.

Best Laid Plans

By Natasha Moore | 16/08/2022

Natasha Moore reflects on her upcoming wedding, COVID cancellations, and learning to accept the fragility of our plans.

Dirty Work

By Matthew Fitzgerald | 05/08/2022

Matthew Fitzgerald asks: How can we give dignity and worth to those who do invisible but necessary work that no one else wants to do?

Thriving in a technological age

By Simon Smart | 29/07/2022

Simon Smart on chess-playing robots, the promises and disappointments of technology, and human flourishing.

Gym Junkie

By Barney Zwartz | 22/07/2022

Barney Zwartz reflects on why he hates going to the gym – and why he begrudgingly does it anyway.

God’s backyard

By Justine Toh | 12/07/2022

Justine Toh ponders the breathtaking, glorious new images of distant galaxies from NASA’s James Webb telescope.

I love the census

By Natasha Moore | 28/06/2022

Natasha Moore on the findings of the 2021 Australian census, and how behind the raw numbers lie fascinating and surprising stories.