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Twice a week, a member of the CPX team "thinks out loud" in public - offering not conclusions, but launching-off points for conversation about what's going on in the news right now, or in our cultural "moment".

As with everything CPX does, the goal is to reframe things - to edge our way together towards a more expansive public imagination when it comes to Christian faith and the contribution it has to make to our shared life.

Here's a collection of these columns. They are usually posted each Tuesday and Friday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


What money can’t buy

By Mark Stephens | 23/04/2021

Mark Stephens on the pushback against the European Super League, and how sport is so much more than just a commodity.

The Power of Ritual

By Simon Smart | 20/04/2021

In light of Prince Philip’s funeral, Simon Smart ponders the enduring importance of ritual.

Attention is Power

By Justine Toh | 15/04/2021

Justine Toh on Aboriginal deaths in custody, the “attention economy”, and what we might learn from Old Testament prophets.


By Natasha Moore | 13/04/2021

Natasha Moore reflects on a storm in her teacup – Sky News’ misinterpretation of her Easter Sunday article for ABC News.

Khloé, Instagram, and losing control

By Anna Grummitt | 09/04/2021

Anna Grummitt on what Khloé Kardashian’s reaction to an unapproved photo reveals about our desire for control and fear of rejection.

Rethinking Australia’s social contract

By Barney Zwartz | 06/04/2021

Barney Zwartz on Anglicare’s The Cost of Privilege report, and how the pandemic provides a chance to rethink Australia’s social contract.

A fresh start

By Mark Stephens | 02/04/2021

Mark Stephens on Paul Kelly’s ballad “If I Could Start Today Again”, and how the Easter story speaks to our longing for a fresh start.

Trustworthy masculinity

By Tim Costello | 31/03/2021

Tim Costello reflects on a famous story from Jesus’ life, and what lessons it teaches men about moving from toxic to trustworthy masculinity.

Running with the cloud

By Luka Jamieson | 26/03/2021

CPX Intern Luka Jamieson reflects on what running using the fitness app Strava has in common with belonging to a faith community.

Life’s work

By Emma Wilkins | 23/03/2021

Emma Wilkins asks: we expect our parents to love us self-sacrificially, but do we want to be their life’s work?

Sex ≠ online banking

By Justine Toh | 19/03/2021

Justine Toh on what the iConsent app shows us about our lack of imagination when it comes to the complexities of human life.

Doomed from the start: A politician’s fate

By Barney Zwartz | 16/03/2021

In light of the leadership spill in the Victorian Liberal party, Barney Zwartz ponders the rise and fall of politicians.