Simon is Executive Director of the Centre for Public Christianity. A former English and History teacher, Simon has a Masters in Christian Studies from Regent College, Vancouver. He is the author of For God's Sake: An Atheist, a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim Debate Religion, editor of A Spectator's Guide to Worldviews, and was co-presenter and co-writer of the historical documentary For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined. His writing has appeared in such places as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, the ABC, The Australian, and The Guardian. He lives on Sydney’s northern beaches and is an inept but enthusiastic surfer.



Justine is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity where she speaks and writes about reading contemporary culture. Her book Achievement Addiction exemplifies this approach while also calling out the harms of a society that worships success. Justine enjoys exploring the way that film, TV, and other stories we tell ourselves about ourselves tap into our ultimate longings and hopes. Justine has a PhD in Cultural Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney and tweets, erratically, at @justinetoh.

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Max is a Senior Research Fellow at CPX. A former lawyer and political & policy adviser, Max was educated at the Australian National University and the University of Oxford and is undertaking a PhD in Law. Max speaks on the intersection between faith, culture, economics, finance, technology and moral reasoning.  He has spoken in businesses, universities and political institutions, including Samsung, Lego, Goldman Sachs and Amazon. He loves movies, good wine with his wife Fiona and making his kids laugh.

Natasha Moore


Natasha is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity. She has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and is the author of For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined and, most recently, The Pleasures of Pessimism. She has worked for CPX since 2014 and written on topics that include books, movies, politics,
 food, domestic violence, Scripture in schools, war, Thanksgiving, and freedom of speech.

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Tim Costello AO a Senior Fellow at CPX. A well known social justice advocate, Tim is a Baptist minister, former CEO of World Vision Australia, and current Executive Director of Micah Australia.



Barney is a part-time Senior Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity, based in Melbourne. He wrote for The Age for 32 years, the last 12 as Religion Editor. He continues to write for the media on faith and politics, as well as on classical music and opera. He also serves as media advisor to the Anglican Primate, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier.

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Anna is Youth Editor at the Centre for Public Christianity. She has a BA in Media & Communications from the University of Sydney and has many years of experience working with youth at her local church. Before starting at CPX, she spent a year working with university students in Arequipa, Peru with the international Christian organisation SIM.



Allan is Business Manager & Media Director for the Centre for Public Christianity. An award-winning documentary maker, Allan has over 30 years' experience in broadcast and digital media. He was Director and Executive Producer for CPX's most recent production For the Love of God, which screened in cinemas across Australia to critical acclaim. Allan is also a graduate of Sydney's Macquarie Graduate School of Management. 

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Clare is the Brand Manager for the Centre for Public Christianity. She has a BA in Art History and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. She is currently finishing her Masters of Divinity. 

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Kimmie is a Donor Care Representative where she cares for all aspects of Donor relations and Fundraising. Her background and study are in Marketing and Ministry (Australia/USA). She loves connecting challenges with solutions, needs with provisions, and connecting people with people, so that both individuals and communities are built up.


(CPX Fellow)

Until recently, Mark was on staff at the Centre for Public Christianity as a Senior Research Fellow. He is currently a New Testament Lecturer at SMBC in Sydney. Mark has a PhD in Ancient History from Macquarie University and is the author of The End of Thinking? In his spare time he enjoys coffee, the humour of Monty Python, the music of Patty Griffin, and the sheer absurdity of being a Parramatta Eels supporter. 


(CPX Fellow)

Emma Wilkins is a journalist and freelance writer. Topics of interest include friendship, parenting, literature, culture, ethics and faith. She serves on the AFES board of directors and is a member of Crossroads Presbyterian Church. She lives in Tasmania with her husband and their three children. She has a weakness for baking, exclamation marks, and fairy lights. 


(CPX Fellow)

Gordon joined UTS as a Senior Lecturer in Economics in 2003, after a decade working as an economist at the RBA. From 2007 to 2016 he was the Deputy Director of the UTS Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality. He contributed to the Murray Review of the financial system and has been a visiting scholar at the Political Economy of Financial Markets group at Oxford University. He is currently an Associate Professor and his main publications are in the areas of macroeconomics, trade and exchange rates. He is the author of Western Fundamentalism: Democracy, Sex and the Liberation of Mankind.


(CPX Fellow)

Richard is part-time Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths at Melbourne School of Theology and teaches regularly on ministry in Muslim contexts in Australian colleges, universities, churches and schools. His publications include Jesus Through Muslim Eyes, Witnessing to Western Muslims and the philosophical apologetic The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity

Leisa Aitken

(CPX Fellow)

Leisa has been a Clinical Psychologist for more than 20 years and currently works in private practice. She is completing a PhD in the Psychology of hope at the University of Sydney.  Leisa is developing an interdisciplinary view of our experience of hope, especially exploring the links between philosophy, theology and psychology. She is researching Australians’ hopes not only for their own lives but also their hopes for humanity.

Stephen Liggins

(CPX Fellow)

Stephen is a former lawyer and journalist, who pastors a church in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney. He has a PhD in New Testament Studies from the University of Sydney and has lectured both locally and overseas. He has written books and articles at an academic and popular level on topics such as the teaching of Jesus, the early church, ethics, popular culture, sport and travel.

brian rosner

(CPX Fellow)

Brian Rosner has a PhD from Cambridge University and is the principal of Ridley College in Melbourne.  Previously he taught at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and Moore Theological College in Sydney.  He’s also been a school teacher and railway trainee manager.  Brian has written and edited more than a dozen books, including Beyond Greed and Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity.  He is married to Natalie and has four children and two grandchildren.