The Best Bit

People have very different ideas of what Christmas is “really about”. Life & Faith weighs the options.

“This is pure joy … but this is infused with truffle.”

What makes this time of year so magical for so many? 

In this final episode of Life & Faith for 2021, the team talk about the food, the gifts, the traditions, the family time … and what any of it has to do with the original story. Tim Costello joins Simon, Justine, and Natasha to tell a remarkable story of the most memorable Christmas present he ever received, and Rev Bill Crews talks about the 50+ years he’s been hosting a Christmas lunch for those who don’t have anyone to spend this time of year with. 

“Out of the sadness and the destructiveness of this world, new hope is being born every second. Every second. All you have to do is look and listen, and you’ll see it. Over and over and over again, I’ve found that.” 


2021 Waitrose Christmas ad 

Exodus Foundation Christmas lunch for the needy