A Good Look in the Mirror

The Enneagram helps us ask questions like: who am I, and is who I am good?

I strive for perfection. I am prepared for any disaster. I seek out experiences that I know will make me feel happy or excited.

Have you heard people say “I’m a seven” or “oh, that’s because you’re a five” … if you’re not familiar with the Enneagram, a model which describes people in terms of nine interrelated personality types, that will sound like gibberish. And if you’re into the Enneagram, you’re probably very into it!

In this episode of Life & Faith, the CPX team venture into the world of the Enneagram. Simon Smart invites Justine Toh, Natasha Moore, and producer Allan Dowthwaite to take the test, find out their types, and re-examine what they think they know about themselves and their relationships. And Sandra Van Opstal, author of Forty Days on Being an Eight, explains how understanding herself as a “Challenger” has changed her approach to advocacy, parenting, and her own sense of self.

“The Enneagram’s main focus as I understand it is to help us understand our motivations – what’s happening on the inside. And so for me, I’m asking the question: who am I, and why do I do what I do? They’re questions of intention, questions of identity. Way beyond any label someone could put on us is the question of who are we, and why were we created this way?”


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