Andrew Hastie: Lessons from the combat zone

Seeing war up close and surviving nonetheless leaves its mark.

Andrew Hastie would not be the first person to join the defence force out of both a hunger for adventure and deep-seated sense of duty.

After a distinguished career in the army, including being an officer in the elite Special Air Service (SAS), Hastie speaks to Life & Faith about the experience. He explains why he joined up, his gruelling entry into the SAS and his three tours of Afghanistan.

Here we learn about the Afghan people Andrew worked with, the pressure and intense experience of engaging an enemy in an unfamiliar land and culture, and the toll of responsibility when the stakes are so high. This is a raw and honest assessment of the cost of war, the ethics of battle and the weight of the hard-won lessons of the combat zone.

What can faith offer to those experiencing the wounds of moral injury so prevalent in those who have been taken out of civilian life and placed into the extreme environment of war?

Image: By Brenden Conroy – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,