Can you see me? Christine Caine’s Fight Against Modern Slavery

Christine Caine explores how her own challenges ignited a passion for justice for the voiceless and exploited.

Author, speaker, and advocate Christine Caine tells Life & Faith about her personal journey that led her to co-found anti-slavery organisation–A21. She explains her shock when she discovered not only the scale of human trafficking in the world today, but that it existed at all.

Christine’s personal story is inextricably linked to the reason she took this challenge on, and her faith explains why she thinks audacious goals are achievable in the fight to end slavery today.

“We have a statement Um at A:21, it says let’s abolish slavery everywhere forever. Some people roll their eyes, but I’m like, ‘This is not rocket science, there’s 7.8 billion people and 40 million slaves do the math!’ If we awaken enough people to this and then we are prepared to change our lives a little bit, I think we can actually get this job done.”

“I looked and I went in that moment from looking at someone else’s missing child to seeing what could have been my own daughter.”


Photo: Victoria Pickering

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