Don’t Waste a Crisis

Possibilities and dangers from corona chaos

Will we emerge from the corona crisis with stronger bonds and more united communities? What will it take to preserve solidarity and the re-ordering of our priorities?

In this episode of Life & Faith Simon Smart checks in with Tim Costello as to how he is surviving ISO. Simon and Tim then talk to Tim Dixon, enduring Covid19 lockdown in London. Tim is the co-founder of More in Common, and leads a team seeking to build civic bonds and strengthen democracies by doing research and telling the stories of what we share, as opposed to what divides us. Tim sees some fascinating possibilities in what might emerge from our experience of the virus. Observing renewed community solidarity both online and from local initiatives, as well as a concern for the most vulnerable, he wonders if we can find ways to maintain this once the crisis has passed. The conversation also considers the possibility that when faced with mortality and an inability to control our lives, more people might turn to spiritual answers to life’s deepest questions. Growth in online church “attendance” may provide a clue.