Portrait of an Editor (Part 1)

Scott Stephens, editor of ABC’s Religion & Ethics website, shares his own fascinating backstory.


Portrait of an Editor (Part 2)

“You want to be able to stand before God with as clear a conscience and as pure a soul as one can.”

As editor of the ABC’s Religion & Ethics website, Scott Stephens spends his days trawling through the best of contemporary theological and ethical thinking. But the story of his life proves just as intriguing as the material he daily immerses himself in.

In this episode of Life & Faith, Scott talks about being the son of a staunchly Republican father and a peacenik mother who instilled in him a love of art and literature, and an upbringing that set Scott on his current course in life.

It’s a fascinating tale told in two parts, and you can listen to the second part of this conversation here: www.bit.ly/2Ba0RGc

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This episode was first broadcast on 1 October 2015.