Odd Ball: Greg Sheridan talks about faith

Journalist Greg Sheridan on why he can’t stop talking about his Christian faith

Greg Sheridan has been the Foreign Editor at the Australian newspaper for 30 years. He’s known for his vast knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs – analysing and writing about Australia’s relationship with Asia, and including the rise of China, the U.S.’s influence in the world, the changing geopolitical landscape that has shifted so substantially during his career.

Sheridan is a regular guest on Sky news but also the ABC.

Until recently he was less known for his Christian faith but has written two books about this now, “God is Good for You: a defence of Christianity in troubled times” and “Christians: the urgent case for Jesus in the world.”

Greg shares with Life & Faith his most recent thoughts on faith in public, and the religious landscape in Australia and around the world.

Never shy of controversy, Greg is happy to wade into topics others might rather avoid.

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