Social media community guidelines

CPX exists to engage the public with the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Christian story. We aim to ‘drop the drawbridge’ and walk into the public square confident that Christianity still has something vital to say about life’s biggest questions. We do this by writing articles for the mainstream media, appearing on radio and television programs, producing podcasts and documentaries, and publishing relevant content to our online library.

We regularly share this content via our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – and welcome engagement from our followers around this content. We believe that all conversations – even robust disagreements – can be conducted in a manner that is measured and respectful to others, and so we are committed to creating spaces on our social media channels for these kinds of conversations.

For this reason, we ask that everyone who engages in conversation on our social media pages adhere to the following community guidelines.

Online conversations

We believe that online conversations are real life conversations, so we approach them by asking, “Would I say these things if I were sitting across from the person I am speaking to?”

We want to create forums where online conversations add personal insight and fresh perspective to the content we publish, so, we welcome comments that are:

  • Relevant and on topic
  • Well-informed and thoughtful
  • Expressed respectfully
  • Framed personally with “I” statements (that speak on behalf of the author, not others)
  • Concerned with drawing out the implications of ideas discussed in our content
  • Inclusive of all those who contribute their perspectives, particularly those people whose voices can be marginalised in public conversations.

In contrast, we do not want comments that are:

  • Unrelated to the content we have posted and/or are instead an off-topic response to the content’s subject matter, image or headline
  • Statements of opinion expressed as if they are fact
  • Derisive, or attacking of others who express different opinions
  • Reinforcing of stereotypes and generalisations, especially about people you disagree with
  • Framed with ‘he, she or they’ statements (that speak on behalf of others)

CPX guidelines for social media users

CPX seeks to nurture a space where healthy online conversations can flourish. We therefore will not tolerate comments or users that:

  • Intimidate others – including comments that attack, threaten or intimidate others, express profanity or bigotry or incite violence, or that personally attack individuals (be they the author or subject of content we have posted, or fellow commenters)
  • Promote unauthorised material– including material that is in breach of copyright, material that promotes commercial ventures, and links to articles or blogs that CPX does not deem to be credible sources
  • Stifle healthy conversation – employ an especially aggressive tone, that are excessive in number, or that are deemed to be ‘trolling’ (i.e. commenting merely to extract a response from others)
  • Are legally dangerous for us as a publisher – including material that is in breach of copyright, and comments that we believe to be defamatory or potentially libelous, or that speak on behalf of other people or groups (particularly when asserting their motivation)

In the event that a comment is deemed to breach our guidelines, CPX will delete the comment and send the commenter a direct message with further information explaining why. Commenters will be given the opportunity to revise their comment so that it adheres to our guidelines and post it again.

Continual failures to adhere to CPX’s guidelines will result in users being blocked. Users who are blocked may not receive a warning.

We will endeavour to respond to direct questions on our social media platforms in a timely manner, however as we are a small team with a variety of responsibilities, please understand that we will often not be able to respond immediately.

Thank you for making CPX’s social media forums a safe environment for healthy conversations!