The loneliness epidemic

Clinical psychologist Jonathan Andrews explains how, in the right circumstances, relationships can heal our broken hearts, and salve our growing loneliness.

Jonathan Andrews’ book The Reconnected Heart: How Relationships Can Help Us Heal is born out of his experience as a clinical psychologist where he has witnessed the powerful healing potential in connection with ourselves, other people and with God. 

Andrews believes that there are significant benefits from cultivating healthy relationships that can help us overcome even significant trauma and loss.

“And this is a thing I think to remember about loneliness, loneliness isn’t just about the quantity of connection, it’s about the quality of connection. To put it succinctly would say something like it’s about the lack of understanding. So you can be lonely in a crowd, you can be lonely at a party. So there’s lots of people around, but really if you want to overcome loneliness, you have to be properly understood.”

“… we underestimate the positive impact that we can bring to other people’s lives. And we also … w entertain this idea that I’m the only one who’s suffering like this and that’s simply not true. One in four Australians are suffering from significant amounts of loneliness. So the lonely people aren’t alone, Lonely people are experiencing things that many, many Australians are experiencing.”


The Reconnected Heart: How Relationships Can Help Us Heal by Jonathan Andrews


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