Once a week, a member of the CPX team "thinks out loud" in public - offering not conclusions, but launching-off points for conversation about what's going on in the news right now, or in our cultural "moment".

As with everything CPX does, the goal is to reframe things - to edge our way together towards a more expansive public imagination when it comes to Christian faith and the contribution it has to make to our shared life.

Here's a collection of these columns. They are usually posted each Tuesday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices”

By Natasha Moore | 04/12/2020

Natasha Moore ponders those moments in life when everything changes – we just don’t know it yet.

“Light and life to all he brings”

By Mark Stephens | 01/12/2020

Mark Stephens is a Christmas cynic, married to the world’s most Christmas-positive person. What would it take to choose joy over cynicism?

Chess can be beautiful

By Richard Shumack | 27/11/2020

Richard Shumack reflects on The Queen’s Gambit, and the moral beauty of chess.

A big toothy grin

By Barney Zwartz | 24/11/2020

Barney Zwartz on the joy of seeing smiles again as masks become optional in Melbourne.

Reputation Rehab

By Anna Grummitt | 20/11/2020

Anna Grummitt on Nick Kyrgios, public shaming, and seeing people as more than their worst moments.

Character is king

By Tim Costello | 17/11/2020

Tim Costello reflects on the importance of character in political leaders.

Rest and restlessness

By Mark Stephens | 10/11/2020

Mark Stephens ponders what might be behind our constant busyness and craving for distraction.

God Bless America

By Natasha Moore | 06/11/2020

Natasha Moore discusses Australia’s cultural inferiority and superiority complexes when it comes to the U.S.


By Richard Shumack | 03/11/2020

Richard Shumack on the extent to which Christianity is to blame for the devastation of global ecology.

Faith invades the muddle

By Simon Smart | 30/10/2020

Simon Smart reflects on how the life of faith is often one of waiting and hoping in the midst of very real struggles.

Fear-mongering or the public interest?

By Barney Zwartz | 27/10/2020

Barney Zwartz reflects on how the COVID-19 pandemic has been reported in the Australian news media.

Before you click

By Natasha Moore | 23/10/2020

Natasha Moore writes about the downsides of the 24-hour news cycle, and the new filter she’s applying to her clicking habits.