A Christmas Classic

What qualifies as a Christmas movie? And what version of Christmas do they offer? 

It’s the final episode of Life & Faith for 2022! And time for Simon Smart, Justine Toh, and Natasha Moore to talk Christmas movies past and present: the films that stand the test of time and those that don’t; the borderline cases that feature Christmas but may or may not count as Christmas movies; and some new contenders for the title of Christmas classic. 

The team discuss Violent Night, a cinema release that sees Santa caught up in a Christmas Eve hostage situation – picking off mercenaries one by one in a Die Hard-type situation while also having his own faith in Christmas restored. They’ve also seen Spirited, Apple TV’s take on A Christmas Carol starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, and have a … spirited discussion about the film’s preoccupation with redemption. Are people naughty or nice? Can they change? And how might Christmas come to the rescue? 


Discussed in this episode: 

Violent Night (out in cinemas now) 

Spirited (available on Apple TV)  

Love Actually 

Ted Lasso Christmas episode 2021 

While You Were Sleeping 

Die Hard  


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