Once a week, a member of the CPX team "thinks out loud" in public - offering not conclusions, but launching-off points for conversation about what's going on in the news right now, or in our cultural "moment".

As with everything CPX does, the goal is to reframe things - to edge our way together towards a more expansive public imagination when it comes to Christian faith and the contribution it has to make to our shared life.

Here's a collection of these columns. They are usually posted each Tuesday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Losing ourselves, saving our souls

By Simon Smart | 01/05/2020

Simon Smart reflects on The Lord of the Rings, Saint Augustine, and the Christian notion of the need to lose your life in order to find it.

Zooming, slacking, and being human in the time of COVID

By Barney Zwartz | 28/04/2020

Barney Zwartz on all the inventive opportunities to stay connected during this pandemic, and what this says about the spirit of humanity.

Iso-exercise with Millennial Barbie

By Justine Toh | 24/04/2020

Justine Toh on what obsessively watching travel yoga classes on YouTube has in common with religion and worship.

Entering the pain of others

By Anna Grummitt | 21/04/2020

Anna Grummitt ponders the legacy of Father Damien of Molokai, and what motivated him – and other modern ‘Damiens’ – to suffer with others.

Together alone

By Tim Costello | 17/04/2020

Tim Costello reflects on coping with isolation as an extrovert, and how the pandemic might lead us to recognise our interdependence.

On knowing little in a pandemic world

By Mark Stephens | 15/04/2020

Mark Stephens on the importance of having a posture of humility when thinking and commenting on the coronavirus crisis.

Loose, baggy monsters

By Natasha Moore | 10/04/2020

Natasha Moore on why the Easter weekend is the perfect time to read one of the big books on your shelf – such as the Bible.

Easter and the lifting of burdens

By Simon Smart | 08/04/2020

In light of a recent episode of ‘You Can’t Ask That’, Simon Smart reflects on how the Easter story offers freedom and rest for the weary.

Acts of wonder

By Bella Beach | 03/04/2020

CPX intern Bella Beach on how while COVID has shown an ugly side of human fear, it has also led to sacrificial acts for the sake of others.

Social distancing and solidarity

By Justine Toh | 27/03/2020

Justine Toh on the decline of community, religion and social capital, and how COVID-19 may help us discover that we’re better together.

Vale Catherine Hamlin

By Mark Stephens | 20/03/2020

Mark Stephens reflects on the life of Catherine Hamlin, and how her faith drove her to serve Ethiopian women suffering obstetric fistula.

Anxiety and comfort amidst COVID-19

By Anna Grummitt | 13/03/2020

Anna Grummitt looks at the (surprising) place some young people are searching for comfort in our fearful and anxious time.